Join Romarishi & Tara on a Pilgrimage
to the Heart of Mother India

Between 2015 and 2019 we led 13 pilgrimages to India. When international travel ceased in 2020, we could no longer lead pilgrimages to India.
We will resume leading pilgrimages to India in March of 2024.
We invite you to come with us on a Pilgrimage to the Heart of Mother India.

These are not just vacations. They are spiritual pilgrimages, adventures of the soul, to places of power, where you may have new insights into who you really are and what is really important in your life.

For thousands of years, great saints have lived in India and performed powerful spiritual practices there. The very earth has been sanctified by their presence.

A spiritual pilgrimage to India expands your awareness of life on planet Earth and the cosmos. It allows you to get out of the box of your daily patterns and conceptual system. It frees you to see the world with new eyes.

"During the nearly seven years that we’ve lived in India, we’ve had many beautiful experiences, seen amazing sites, visited many sacred temples, met beautiful saints and had many profound inner experiences. While we traveled throughout India having these memorable experiences, we thought of our many friends who haven’t yet experienced the many wonders of India. It occurred to us that we were having these life-changing experiences so that we could share them with others. We would love to share these with you."     
~ Romarishi & Tara Leela

There are amazingly powerful places in nature, like rivers, mountains, caves and forests, where ancient yogis, siddhas and rishis lived and meditated. Many of these ancient sages are said to be immortal and still exist in these places in their astral form blessing people who come there. There are also great living Siddha Saints from whom you can receive powerful blessings that will clear obstacles to your spiritual development and propel you to quickly achieve your goals in life.

Each year we take people on Pilgrimages to the Heart of Mother India usually during March/April and October / November. Each pilgrimage is two or three weeks long.

Here are some comments from people who attended these life changing journeys

The trip that Romarishi and Tara lead is an incredible journey into the depths of your being. We traveled to many amazing places that you won’t find in any tourist brochures. The first day in India, traveling to destinations was one of the best of my life and somehow, every successive day I felt ‘this is the best day of my life’. It’s a once in a lifetime adventure.
~ Matt
It’s impossible to put into words the profound spiritual transformation that happens when traveling with Romarishi and Tara. A trip to India with them is unlike any I have seen or experienced. The trip goes beyond spiritual concepts and ideas and cuts to the core of true spirituality. It is an awakening and a discovery of the Self and Spirit that has left me in touch with my heart and soul and the Light of Eternity.
~ Hanuman
Traveling with Tara & Romarishi was amazing and spiritually transformative. I learned how to deepen my meditation, find deeper meaning in mindfulness, and finally understand spiritual yoga. A truly beautiful adventure! Highly, highly recommend.
~ Jnana
Truly one of the most magical journeys of my life. Tara and Romarishi have found precious spiritual beings and places in India that I never thought existed. It was a gift – a once in a lifetime experience full of spirit.
~ Janin
The trip to India was beyond what I imagined, far beyond! Romarishi and Tara take care of many of the details and advised us how to stay safe and happy amidst the magical cities and towns we visited along the way.
~ Courtney
We had a very magical adventure where we met many spiritual masters, visited sacred sites where masters had lived, meditated in caves with Sadhus, floated down the Ganges in a raft, climbed a holy mountain, and ate delicious food. There was not a dull moment and Romarishi and Tara were kind, attentive, and fun guides with great stories to share with us. The trip was high and bright and transforming.
~ Lakshmi