The earth should not be taken for granted. You have no right to abuse it and you can’t disuse it. Make sure that you are a contributor, not merely a consumer.
~ Swami Dayananda Saraswati



Frequently Asked Questions

What is your guiding principle?

We are dedicated to creating a better world for future generations. We believe that a Golden Age is dawning that will be the union of East and West, ancient wisdom and modern technology.

What belief system is at the the basis of your foundation?

Our spiritual approach is Universal. We support all people to develop their full potential and become radiant beings of wisdom and compassion.

Are you promoting one teacher, one religion or one spiritual path?

We are not promoting only one teacher or one spiritual path. We respect all religions, and all spiritual paths.  We believe in the ancient Indian saying, "Truth is One but the paths are many." We are all-inclusive  and accept all people irregardless of nationality, religion, caste or class.